Donating some school materials to Phuleli School

Our Social contribution

Social development especially on the education, health and lifestyle has always been one of the important goals of Randonnee Nepal Treks. Since the establishment of this company, we have been trying our best to help the helpless directly or indirectly through the means of Tourism. Our help might be small but our effort is something that we do with so much of compassion and dedication.

 A lot of our clients have also been helping us in our social contribution. Our friends from across the globe have been assisting us in this effort by donating stationary materials to the students, or by distributing their clothes to the needy people, or by donating money or providing scholarship to the students.

As most of our team members are born and bred in the most backward village of Solukhumbu District called Phuleli which is also called Rai Village, Randonnee Nepal Treks is determined to uplift the quality of education, health and lifestyle of the people in Phuleli Village because we believe initiating from ourselves can be the best examples to others for improvement.  We strive to create a balance between human need & natural environment through various social welfare programs including educational and cultural activities.

As education is one of the most powerful weapons for the change in a positive way we have been trying our best for the improvement of education which is so poor and scarce in Phuleli. Every year our company has been donating some fund to the school (Shree Saraswoti Nimna Madhyamik Bidhyalaya) for providing scholarship for the children from very poor family who cannot afford education. We feel glad in participating in social contributions like providing scholarship, supporting environmental campaigns and looking after the welfare of our dear employee and their families.

Also, Randonnee Nepal Treks have been actively participating on the Earthquake Relief Program in the Phuleli Village. The massive Earthquake that hit Nepal in April, 2015 devastated and destroyed almost everything in Nepal. It left a lot of families broken and hypnotized. And Phuleli village was no exception. The life living upon scarcity and deprivation was even more towards the bad end. The houses were destroyed, many lost their lives, and the only school in the village was also damaged badly. But, with the help and donation from our dear clients and friends from France and Germany, we were able to provide relief program to these helpless village. We donated necessary fund for the reconstruction program, necessary clothes, foods etc. But it is still not enough. We are trying our best still to recover soon.

Now, our prime focus is on the Earthquake relief program that aims to support Earthquake affected families by building safer structures and ensuring a feeling of security is restored to communities after many months of living in unsafe conditions. In the Phuleli Village we are planning to reconstruct those houses which have been completely destroyed. In the near future,we are also planning to establish a foundation that would look after this.

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