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  • Dudh Kunda-Pikey Peak

    Dudh Kunda-Pikey Peak

    November 08, 2013

    Our Dudh Kunda-Pikey Peak- Trek started in October 2013. The 16 days tent trekking tour was organised by Randonnée Nepal Treks. From the beginning on it was very exciting! Thanks to Krishna that we could start our trek on the proposed day. He organized tickets on of the two flights this day. On our trek we were assisted by seven porters and a guide. Unfortunately, the weather didn't put on its best face. We only used the tents four times. Our crew cared very well for us on our *****Star trek all the time. Several tents, pots, teakettles, gas, all imaginable provisions were taken along. The food was rich in variety and delicious, beginning with breakfast after this a three-course lunch menu and ending with a three-course dinner menu. The days we were camping we spend off the beaten tourist tracks in a wonderful scenery (Dudh Kunda) and unspoiled nature. After that it was raining every day. But in most of the cases it was dry before midday. Fort he nights we stayed in lodges. Even there, the meals were prepared for us by our crew. The bad weather brought some good things, we had the chance to get in close contact to the local people. The Solu Region is famous for the hospitality of the people living there. It was very nice to spend some time with them. We learned a lot of the living and traditions in the mountain villages. Along our trek we passed a lot of monasteries. Any of them was very interesting and unique. Especially I liked a small Gompa near Junbesi, where boys between 8 and 18 years live and go to school. In the evening our guide and cook Bhakta often played traditional songs on the flute and so we spend a nice time together with our crew. I can fully recommend this trek, especially if you would like to see the native Nepal, off the beaten tourist tracks. I'm planning to do this trek again, because we had to skip the Pikey Peak with its awesome view to some 8000s, because of the bad weather.


    Gitta Meyer Raineweg- 3 Baden-Baden Germany

  • Annapurna Thasang village trek

    Annapurna Thasang village trek

    March 27, 2013

    “Krishna and his family looked after us all extremely well making this a memorable experience for the whole family. They took care to make sure the children were kept active and entertained and were always flexible to adapt plans when required, as well as giving us plenty of time to ourselves. The holiday was a great mix of fun, culture, stunning scenery and unique activities.”

    Simon and Fiona Struthers
     United Kingdom

  • Island peak via gokyo lake chola pass EBC

    Island peak via gokyo lake chola pass EBC

    November 04, 2012

    I would like to recommand a famous trekking guide : Krishna Rai,
    Our last trek with him : 4 weeks in the Sagarmatha National Park (Everest area). He is a real professionnal guide : He still adapts the trek (route, during of the stages) all the time, with the physical level and the health condition of the members of the group, with the weather . He listens all the people with discrétion. Security is important and priority for him : He waits the slowest people of  the group, helps him with patience and kindness. He is very prudent especially in the highest altitude.
    Furthermore, He understands very fast our values, and make all his effort to adapt the holidays. He chooses the best villages and lodges for us : good and local food, warm welcome, confortable rooms, nice owners, beautiful view, opened kitchens, out of wellknown tracks. He likes simple contacts with people : family, local people, tourists. So he meets naturally many people along the trail and we can
    profite of his easy contacts. He likes to share his experience, his traditions, and also discover the way of life of the people who live in the village we cross.
    He is also able to guide you every where you want in the mountain even to highest summits. He is very cheerful,  opened mind, and generous.
    It is always a real happiness to spend holidays with him.

    Valérie ROUX-BOUYSSOU and Pedro WEISS,

  • Annapurna Circuit Trekking

    Annapurna Circuit Trekking

    February 08, 2012

    thorang la pass 5416m.Im Herbst 2011 begleitete uns Bishnu auf unserer Trekking-Tour "Around Annapurna". Es war ein wunderschöner, unvergesslicher Urlaub.
    Krishna bereitete unsere Tour ganz individuell für zwei Personen vor und war in Nepal für uns auch jederzeit erreichbar.
    Bishnu betreute uns auf dem Trek sehr fürsorglich. Immer versuchte er unsere Wünsche zu erfüllen, zum Beispiel waren wir fast ausschließlich in netten familiären und sauberen Lodges untergebracht mit leckerem Essen. Wir haben uns zu jeder Zeit sicher und gut aufgehoben gefühlt. Es hat alles super gut geklappt.
    Bishnu ist uns während unserer gemeinsamen Zeit ein guter Freund geworden.
    Sehr gern und oft denken wir an die Wochen in Nepal zurück: die herrlichen Berge, freundliche und unkomplizierte Menschen, fernab unseres stressigen Alltags.
    Sicher werden wir wieder nach Nepal kommen und wir freuen uns schon jetzt auf ein Wiedersehen mit weiteren unvergesslichen Trekking-Touren mit Bishnu!
    Tausend Dank für alles an Krishna und Bishnu!

    Gita Meyer

    Gitta Meyer

  • Everest Base Camp Trek

    Everest Base Camp Trek

    May 06, 2007
    15-4-07Dear Krishna,
    You have supplied us and also take care of us, sometimes you  carried our rucksacks, you have been friendly and if we needed something, you helped us if we asked an any question you had open ears for me you were the nice guide on this tour, however Dhana need somebody fore special things, he asked you and gave you advices and you took care of this. Thank you very much and all the best for the future!


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