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  • Helambu Short Trek

    Mein Mann und ich waren auf einem 8 Tage Trek im Helambu unterwegs. Wir haben Krishna von Anfang an als sehr engagierten Führer erlebt, der auf alle Wünsche und Empfindlichkeiten -selbst die unausgesprochenen- reagiert und stets sein Bestes zu unserem Wohl gegeben hat. Krishna hat nicht nur seinen Job erledigt, sondern ist uns auf sehr freundschaftliche Weise begegnet. Es hat großen Spaß gemacht, mit ihm unterwegs zu sein, und wir kommen gerne jederzeit wieder auf ihn zurück.

  • Personal, friendly and experienced

    We were referred to Krishna and Randonnee treks though a friend of a friend. It was our first time in Nepal and first time trekking overseas. We were in Nepal early 2015. Krishna met with us at our hotel to talk about the trek and what we wanted to do. Krishna helped us tailor a trek to our desires and fitness levels. We wanted to experience nepalese culture and Nepal's renowned natural landscape. We also wanted to go a bit off the beaten track. Krishna helped us decide on a trail that suited us. We were very impressed by Krishna's friendliness, professionalism and english language skills. He organised a porter, transport, and gave us some advise on what to expect from the trek. We paid half the full price upfront and would pay the remainder after the trek. We loved the Tamang Heritage trail and Langtang trek with Krishna. We feel very thankful for his genuine kindness and willingness to share with us his knowledge. Over the course of the trek we became good friends. We enjoyed hanging out with him each evening. We noticed that a lot of other guides would sit apart from their guests in the evenings. Many other trekkers we encountered commented on the fact and were impressed by the way that Krishna engaged with us. When one of our party fell sick, Krishna organised a horse to help her complete that day's journey. He was very attentive to our ailments, keeping in mind the risks of altitude sickness. We felt very well looked after. We cannot thank Krishna enough for such a wonderful first trekking experience. We were so impressed we intended to employ him to take us on another walk in the Everest region although these plans fell through. We were in Nepal during the 2015 earthquake which wreaked havoc in many areas on Nepal. Langtang was especially hard hit. Our hearts go out to all of those affected. We were very touched that Krishna contacted us after the earthquake to make sure we were ok, and we were happy to learn that he and his family were all safe. We would go back to Nepal in a heartbeat. Krishna will be the first person we call when we do! Krishna and Randonee Treks made our experience of Nepal one that we will hold dear to our hearts. We especially enjoyed having a local guide who was willing to share knowledge about his country, its culture, history, politics. Thank you Krishna and Randonnee treks!!!! See you again soon!! ;-) From Jonny, Freya, and Anneke.

  • Amazing Trip

    Amazing trip, great people and sweet guide, they do very amazing trip, great people and sweet guide, they do very professional commentary, and good care, More detailed information on the informed, Assured me enjoy climbing, Highly recommended, such a great team.

  • Awesome Experience

    I had the opportunity to make a trek with Shandra Rai during the month of July in the Anapurnas for 20 days. Shandra is very knowledgeable of the area. He designed a tour which was appropriate to my level. I felt safe all the time. Shandra regularly provided me advices to feel better during the trek, especially addressing the high altitude sickness. Should you have any additional questions.

  • Pikey - Dudhkunda Culture Trek

    We left with RANDONNEE NEPAL for the 3rd consecutive year. KRIS we left to the choice of the route because we fully trust the team to concoct the best.Our wish was, of course, the scenery and the view of the peaks but also strongly with the Nepalese living. After three weeks of traveling, we can say that this trek was the most beautiful, the most emotionally charged and sharing we did.

    We had the great opportunity to enjoy sunny weather and admire the lookouts where we went (pikey) the giants of the land are the EVEREST, the LOTHSE, MAKALU and KADCHENJUNGA. We will never forget those great moments of contemplation. We, too, benefited from the opportunity to live two days with the people RAI in the small village of PHULELI.

    We were received with honors, having also the joy of participating in a village festival and very touching farewell ceremonies. The whole team who accompanied us was made up of people of PHULELI. We went with them to the sacred lakes of Dudha KUNDA at the foot of the huge wall of Numbur. We lived with them those 15 great days of TREK and were charmed by the kindness of all, their professionalism and the quality (and quantity) of food set before us every day.

    Again in 1000 thanks to KRIS and his team. We have now only one desire: to return as soon to experience new TREK moments with them. We also have a duty: to share as many quality and professionalism of RANDONNEE NEPAL.

  • The best Guide Ever

    We spent 1 month in Nepal and 17 trekking days with Krishna and Tara (the porter) they are so professionals and also know how to solve everything because we lived the horrible earthquake and we have been always in safe places thanks of their knowledge. We change or road and we did the Peaky Peak! An amazing experience and nice view from there! Thanks so much! We will never forget that trip. I hope we can come back...! :)

  • An Unforgettable Experience!

    Our experience with Randonnee Nepal Treks was an unforgettable experience. Krishna and his team took care of us from the moment we arrived in Nepal until our departure. Everything was reviewed in a very professional manner and all of our needs were assessed and accommodated. We felt welcomed from the very first meeting and left feeling like family when we left. We were originally going to do a 3 week trek through the Everest region with Krishna and his team. Tragically one day into the trek the earthquake struck. We felt very fortunate to have Krishna with us to navigate though all of the uncertainty and chaos. We changed our route and spent the next couple weeks trekking back down. Krishna’s knowledge of the region and experience gave us confidence as we knew we were in safe hands. Krishna and his team were an absolute joy to spend our time with. His support goes well beyond getting from one point to another. We learn so much out Nepal and the Nepalese people. He is very aware on the condition on the group at all times and makes adjustments as necessary. More then once other trekkers commented how helpful he was as he was always quick to offer support to anyone on need. I doubt you will find a more professional trekking company run by a person more outgoing and sociable then Krishna and Randonnee Nepal Treks.

  • Ghorepani Ghandruk Poon Hill view point Trek

    It was so lucky for us to choose Randonnee Nepal Treks.

    Not only dyring the trekking, but all way through from the pick up at the airport to the nd of treking in Pokhara, the guide and porter were so helpful and kind.

    Also the price was very reasonable one which made us possible to save a lot of money comparing to booking to other agents that we originally planned to use.

    Their English and French are very fluent, we had no problem with communiction.

    We went trekking from Pokhara to Ghandruk/Gorepani/Poonhill, the treking roads were well

    maintained and there were many tea houses and easy and very safe to walk. However,

    sometimes the slope was steep or the there were not enough signs to show which way to go, so we highly recommend to arrange guide and porter.

    Best regards